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Quoi de neuf

Pig herd in Cambodia - J.Cappelle (c) Cirad, 2013

Sheep Noir De Laçage Détails À Snobby Pull TzdqTY

Epidemiological analysis of Influenza A infection in Cambodian pigs and recommendations for surveillance strategies

butcher in Antananarivo - V.Porphyre (c) Cirad, 2013

amp; Blouson Femme Alife Manteaux Kickin Vestes qqvBP5r Madagascar: synthetic hormones residues detected in pork

An first study was launched to detect synthetic hormones in pigs, with the financial support of the QualiREG network and the Service of Cooperation and Cultural Action of the Embassy of France in Madagascar


Circulation of Japanese Encephalitis Virus in Pigs and Mosquito Vectors within Can Tho City, Vietnam

This study published in PLoS NTDs demonstrates exposure to JEV in pigs, and co-circulation of JEV genotype I and III in mosquitoes within an urban environment in South Vietnam


Coupe Féerie Femme Chemisier Derhy Droite YUwzEqq

A recent publication reviews the drivers of the Japanese Encephalitis virus ecology, such as husbandry of domestic pigs, climate, landscape, and viral genetics

Antimicrobial residues in pork carcasses in Madagascar

Poor knowledge is available about residual antimicrobials in food in developing countries. A recent study sound the alarm about antimicrobial drug residues found in pork meat in Madagascar.


cover FAO ASF meeting 2014

The Global Platform for African swine fever and other important diseases of swine

Proceedings - Rome, Italy5-7 November 2013

No.15 Pigs for prosperity

Pigs for Prosperity - FAO Diversification Booklet 15
Référence Bleu 0000 Jeans Rouge Levis Cloane Femme Vetements Nouveau En Veste 57758 Chez Blanc

by Klaas Dietze, Food and Agriculture Organization: Agricultural Support Systems Division

FAO - Revues nationales de l'élevage

Pig sector reviews at national level

Kenya, Burkina Faso, DR Congo

Feed efficiency in swine

Feed efficiency in swine

Bleu 0000 Chez Vetements Blanc Jeans Nouveau En Levis Femme Veste Cloane Rouge 57758 Référence edited by J.F. Patience, this book has been prepared as a comprehensive treatise on the current state of our understanding of this topic which is so important to the pork industry.

Porcine Meat Inspection

Porcine Meat Inspection

Andy Grist (2007)


2nd Merial Swine Forum in Annecy

May 2010: PCVD – Swine Influenza:  Experience Sharing & Update

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October 14-16, 2010
Cordoba, Andalusia, SPAIN

41e Journées de la Recherche Porcine

Appel à communications
3 et 4 février 2009 à Paris

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